IROAD brand new QHD 3K, X-Vision “TX9” launched

Jaewoncnc has announced the February 5th release of IROAD TX9, which is 5 times clearer than HD by applying 3K QHK resolution.

The IROAD TX9 provides ultra-definition video at a resolution of 3072 x 1728. It is characterized with Sony Starvis image sensor which has more color, brightness and clarity than existing product.

In particular, it improves low-light sensitivity in darkness and shows brighter and clearer images.

A strong image compression technique is employed to secure storage space that had difficulty previously when recording QHD images. Due proportionally long recording time in parking mode, the low-power design reduces power consumption to 2.9W, and also minimizes heat generation.

The self-developed X-Vision function automatically detects the surrounding brightness when in the parking mode, and can record images up to 3 times brighter in dim environments.

The Wi-Fi function allows for real-time and recording playback, downloading files, setting configuration, and automatic firmware upgrade, as well as sharing files and uploading via wireless connection with Smartphone.

The ‘IROAD TX9’ has also enhanced the safety and convenience for drivers by offering the ADAS function to support safe driving.

The ‘IROAD TX9’ is an upgraded format-free storage system that allows you to store images safely without formatting.

Real-time images are recorded every moment for each frame unit enabling safe storage of images even when power is suddenly turned off, and it also supports the recovering of damaged images and the prevention of image tampering.