The First Runner of Dash Cam, IROAD

IROAD is the world’s best leading dash cam manufacturer with the highest number of car camera sold since 2009.
IROAD is now the forefront of dash cam innovation; to bring to market beautiful product for the vehicle.

“The world’s best Dash Camera”

Our aim is very clear to create a world-class company to support this world-best Dash Camera product. We have a real passion for our reliable technology and are happy to explain the benefits and advantages of product today.More and more people have been experiencing our recent enhanced products.
IROAD is proud to manufacture dash cam to provide their important evidence of traffic accident and memorize beautiful driving life.

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The safety and integrity of product for customers we provide is our highest priority. EPGlobal has an aim to focus on clear and safe global distribution for maintaining the best brand reputation constantly.EPGlobal distribute products to the global partners round world in order to stable and reliable supply to end users. All of IROAD products managed from EPGlobal and global product protection teamofEPGlobal constantly analyzes our global supply chain that look for weak points and identify opportunities to improve the possibility of correct product use and protect the right of product owner.